Our vision

Pursuing truth in credit

Empowering originators. Managing risk for investors. Creating possibilities for borrowers.

What we do

We build institutional-grade underwriting infrastructure for consumer debt markets

We've priced and purchased billions of dollars in loan volume since 2014, powering the longest running investment program in the market

Why we exist

Consumer credit markets have an efficiency problem

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Inaccessible credit

Borrowers who could be approved for loans are denied access to credit because of structural limitations

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Insufficient capabilities

Not all originators have the underwriting capabilities or the access to capital to sustainably grow their volume

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Lack of transparency

Investors don't have access to information to help them evaluate loans across originators

Our principles

  1. Partnerships over promises

    Promises are easy but partnership requires hard work. We commit to collaboration and meeting our partners where they are.

  2. Possibilities over problems

    We face into problems head on, approaching them without preconceived views. Original thinking leads to original outcomes.

  3. Insight over precedent

    We consider our actions and deliver recommendations grounded in truth and rigor. Observing, creating, testing and refining - on repeat.

Meet our people



Our team enables the business through technology, developing integrations with platform partners and empowering researchers to build innovative models. I enjoy how collaborative Theorem is with a team of incredibly talented people who are always willing to share the work they are doing.



Our team focuses on finding and attracting top talent, educating candidates on what Theorem does and helping to guide them through the entire recruitment process.