Hello World, We’re Theorem.

We build credit underwriting technology that’s powered billions in lending across our funding network since 2014

What we offer

Custom Loan Integration Programs (CLIP)

A pioneering machine learning powered underwriting program

Sustainably expand your origination volume with the Custom Loan Integration Program (CLIP) and receive instant, accurate interest rates on applications

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    Assess loan applications in seconds with our API

  2. 2

    Use CLIP to approve previously declined applications or alongside existing underwriting processes

  3. 3

    CLIP can help you offer new financing products to your existing customers on your platform

Theorem Securitization As a Service (SaaS)

Originators, meet capital markets

Our Securitization as a Service (SaaS) program packages loans into credit products investors can hold

Partner With Us

Our network connects partners with what they need

Our access to capital and automated underwriting technology means we can help our partners grow their lending businesses

Our Technology

We build infrastructure to power our credit underwriting platform and funding network

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    Theorem Loan Score (TLS)

    Discerning risk in a way few others can

    Our industry needed a new standard. We stepped up. The Theorem Loan Score is a tested, machine-learning driven evaluation of the default risk of a loan. Trained on millions of historical loan records and data points, it evaluates a loan instead of assigning a credit score to a person.

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    Models that love to learn

    We marry machine-learning with human insight

    Terabytes of data can do more harm than good without the ability to interpret them. We iteratively test and train models to quantify risk down to each projected cash flow.

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    Data at our heart

    Good underwriting requires great data management

    We depend on data to meet our underwriting standards. From application, servicing and collateral data to channel and source information — we’re all about the big picture.

Why we exist

Consumer credit markets have an efficiency problem

We’re here to fix it

Help us change a trillion dollar market

We're more than just number crunchers or developers. We want curious minds with the drive to find new solutions in old credit markets. If that sounds like you, we'd love to chat.

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