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The credit world is ready for its next problem solver

Working at Theorem

Small teams. Big markets.

From finance to data and machine learning, our collective experience runs deep

Our values

  1. Restless

    Pursuing truth in credit means we don't stop looking. Solving a problem frees us to work on the next obstacle.

  2. Insightful

    We love finding new ways to look at systems and building new tools to improve things. Others may rely on precedent. We act on insight.

  3. Accountable

    Doing what's right is always better than doing what's easy. We aim to act with integrity and hold each other to our standards.

Meet our people



Our team enables the business through technology, developing integrations with platform partners and empowering researchers to build innovative models. I enjoy how collaborative Theorem is with a team of incredibly talented people who are always willing to share the work they are doing.



Our team focuses on finding and attracting top talent, educating candidates on what Theorem does and helping to guide them through the entire recruitment process.

Who we’re looking for

We pride ourselves in realizing the potential in credit markets. The same goes for realizing the potential in our team members.

  1. Initiative over expertise

    Don't get us wrong, we love both. But we're after someone who loves to learn their way around problems, not just pattern match to what they've seen. We don't have all the answers - but we never stop looking.

  2. Big picture thinker

    Our mission is to bring access to credit to those who need it. Being able to connect datasets to the people they represent is what enables us to do what we do.

  3. Natural collaborator

    We work in small teams and look out for each other. We're looking for someone who honors commitments and is ready to lend a helping hand.


  1. Competitive salary, bonuses, and equity
  2. Covered medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  3. Unlimited vacation days
  4. Paid maternity and paternity leave
  5. 401k Contributions
  6. Paid team offsites and catered meals
  7. Training resources & conferences reimbursed
  8. Bay Area commuter plans
  9. Equity plans
  10. Referral bonuses
  11. Sponsorships available

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