Partnerships built on potential

Our goal is to grow the number of partners originating loans across the US

For Investors

One conduit across consumer asset classes and originators

  1. Multiple asset classes

    Our roots are in consumer unsecured lending but we are continuously exploring new consumer asset classes

  2. Consistent risk lens

    Theorem Loan Score can score loans in our network regardless of where they were originated

For originating partners

Say yes to more borrowers, more often, with more confidence.
  1. Underwriting

    Confidently expand your credit box and grow your books with our underwriting technology. The more origination volume you grow, the more data we can use to accurately score more applications.

  2. Capital

    We’ll find you the capital you need. Our degree of loan-level understanding makes us a sticky, longer-term capital partner.

Ready to get started?

Our partnership process is built around you

  1. Seamless integration

    Getting started can be as easy as calling our API and receiving responses in seconds

  2. Tailored to you

    We offer bespoke platform integrations based on exactly what your lending business needs and how it works today