We don't stop learning. Neither does our technology.

We use machine learning to train our network, run experiments and develop datasets based on individual loan applications. As we see more applications from more partners, we improve our ability to deliver pricing, a better view of the big picture, and ultimately - fairer credit.

Beyond traditional loan scoring

  1. Truthful metrics. Truthful credit.

    The Theorem Loan Score (TLS) goes beyond using traditional metrics to assess individual loan-level risk. We use millions of data points to assess loans down to their cashflows — including the expected value of each payment.

  2. Live loan scoring

    By plugging into the underwriting process at the time of the application via API, we can generate a more accurate, real-time loan score

  3. Portfolio surveillance

    We designed TLS to be comparable across originators and asset classes in order to offer a consistent view of risk across a portfolio

Custom Loan Integration Programs (CLIP)

Use our underwriting technology to increase origination volume

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Underwriting as a Service

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Population expansion

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Add financing to your Platform

We can be the default underwriting engine and capital provider for partners who want to focus on the customer relationship

Our 2nd-look programs help partners approve loans they would otherwise decline

Our underwriting technology helps partners add new point-of-sale financing options for their customers

How CLIP works

  1. Built to integrate

    CLIP is a decision engine designed to plug into your existing underwriting flow and start scoring applications

  2. Designed to be flexible

    Programs can be as simple as calling our API for results, but we can also build deeper integrations to drive origination volume

  3. Real-time results

    Our API can provide instantaneous credit assessments based on loan application data

Securitization as a Service (SaaS)

Connecting originating platforms to capital markets

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Exposure across originators

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Consistent risk lens

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Sell loans through Theorem

Theorem securities can offer access to loans from multiple originating platforms in one place

Theorem Loan Score can score loans in our network to ensure a consistent view across originating platforms

Our securitization engine works for our originating platforms so they can focus on the borrower experience

Partner with us

Theorem helps you say yes, more often — accurately

If you're interested in an origination program integration, we'd love to talk to you